Tourist Places

The Jhargram Raj Palace is situated 3kms from Jhargram towards the south of the railway station.
Jhargram Mini Zoo is situated 2kms from Jhargram towards the east of the railway station.
Tribal Museum is situated 5kms outside Jhargram town. It displaying the indigenous tribal culture.
Chilkigarh Kanak Durga Temple is situated 14kms from Jhargram railway station.
Kendua is 9kms away from Jhargram town and situated on the way to Chilkigarh.
Medicinal Plants Garden is situated 12kms from Jhargram railway station.
Ghagra Waterfalls is situated 49kms from Jhargram railway station. It is found on the river Tarafeny.
Gurrasini Hill is just 49kms from Jhargram. The tranquility of this place leads you to the calmness of mind.
Khandarani Lake is about 50kms from Jhargram. During winter Birds are special attraction.
Rameshwar Temple is just 64kms from Jhargram. It is situated on the banks of river Subarnarekha.
Hatibari Forest is situated 65kms from Jhargram. The beauty of the place leaves you with a mind.
Jhilli Lake is 4-5kms from Hatibari in between the jungle of Sal, Pial tuning to the bird's song you'll be reaching.